Go Forward with GSHA: GSHA Grass Roots Advocacy

Why Involvement Matters: Go Further with GSHA: National Affiliation is Not Enough

Let's face it, SLPs and AUDs have boundless career paths. Many professionals think they have it all covered because they join national organizations. If we compare membership to insurance, you can have basic coverage. This is fine until you actually need to address some serious, costly and long term issues down the line. Gain the GSHA advocacy Advantage! National policies impact states. Did you know that policies shaping education and healthcare funding happen on local and state level? National affiliation alone may not be enough to influence local, district and state issues that impact your bottom line and future. Unlike insurance, GSHA does not have a deductible, no age limitations or preexisting conditions. Local grassroots advocacy matters. Policies are shaped at the state and district level that can either advance or limit opportunities to provide communication for all. GSHA has a legacy of advocating and fighting to protect and expand opportunities for all Georgians.

Why You Should Participate: There is Strength in Numbers

Lawmakers will care about our needs and issues to the extent that we do. Make your voice heard and your passion visible through grassroots advocacy. As discussions are evolving about changing school and healthcare climate, GSHA's members and Georgia providers need to be involved in discussions and serve on committees/commissions to shape education and healthcare including (including working with lawmaker, State Departments and agencies. such as the Departments of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Early Care and Learning, Education, Community Health and Public Health). GSHA serves the needs of the public and professions in all settings. Open enrollment is easy, fast and secure. GSHA is your state association to have a voice and be heard in the 2017 legislative session and beyond. Get the future you want, grow personally and professionally.

How You Can Take Action:

  • Join
  • Donate 
  • Lead and Support: Contact GSHA Executive Director to share interests and concerns at [email protected]
  • Get in the Know:
    • Know your legislators
    • Knowyour superintendent
    • Know your local boards of education
  • Participate in statewide hearings, meetings and GSHA outreach efforts
  • Stay Informed regarding information about legislative issues and how to find an elected official
    • www.legis.ga.gov (this is link to Georgia’s legislative website)
    • www.votesmart.org (this link will allow you to locate your elected officials
    • www.georgiaresists.com (this link provides Georgians information to take action on national policy  with local impact.
    • www.gagop.org (This site offers information on issues, candidates and people in Georgia.