Award Nominations

General Information

Georgia Speech-Language-Hearing Association (GSHA) presents awards to its members at the annual convention.  These awards are presented to individuals who make distinguished contributions and who are recognized for professional and/or scientific achievement to the field of speech-language pathology and audiology.  The GSHA Honors and Awards Board is composed of the Past-President as chair and chairs of the Membership, Student Affairs, Schools, Healthcare and Private Practice, and Higher Education committees.  The board will convene prior to the convention, review the nominations, and submit its recommendations to the Executive Council for approval.  All nominations for awards with accompanying materials for selection must be sent to the Past-President of the Association by the closing date. Nominations are taken several months prior to the convention and should be submitted to the Past President.

Any questions regarding the awards and honors can be directed to the GSHA office at Each year, members of GSHA have the opportunity to nominate individuals for awards.

A current list of Honors and Awards are listed below:

Honors of the Association
Dr. Robert A Hull Leadership Award
Clinician of the Year
Jack Bess Memorial Award
Jack Bess Memorial Scholarship
Clinical Achievement Award
Volunteer Appreciation Award
Legislator Appreciation Award