GSHA Scope of Practice

GSHA member experts evaluate and treat many speech-language and hearing disorders. GSHA has created this valuable resource for its members and the community it serves. Take a look!

Accent Reduction
Presented by LaBrita Cash-Basket
Presented by Jacqueline Laures
Cleft Palate
Presented by Angela LaGambina
Executive Function Disorders
Presented by Sucheta Kamath
Language-Based Learning Disability
Presented by Jill Shedd
Pediatric Dysphagia
Presented by Jacqueline Yokley
Pragmatic Disorders/Social Skills
Presented by Kim Papastavridis
Presented by Ann Bothe-Marcott
Traumatic Brain Injury
Presented by Leila Hartley
Voice Disorder
Presented by Ava Van Leer