Jack Bess Memorial Scholarship

Individuals must be a part-time or full-time student enrolled in a Georgia college or university in a graduate program and member of GSHA.

Procedures of Application

A letter of application from the student should include:

  • A personal statement relating to the reasons the student is pursuing a degree in communication disorders.
  • Future goals focusing on what the student hopes to contribute to the professions.
  • Statement regarding how this award will help the student reach these goals.
  • Any additional information the student feels is pertinent, such as financial need.

In addition to the above information, two letters of recommendation must be submitted. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member regarding the student’s scholastic achievement, leadership skills, and related professional involvement in research or service at the local or national levels. Letter of recommendation from a clinical supervisor (on-campus or off-campus) regarding the student’s clinical potential, leadership skills, and related professional involvement.


The amount of the scholarship will be $500.00 and will be taken from the Jack Bess Memorial Fund.