GSH-PAC: The Legislative Arm of GSHA, The GA Speech-Language-Hearing Political Action Committee, (GSH-PAC) is a voluntary, not-for-profit, unincorporated committee that is accountable to the Officer's Board of GSHA. Its purpose is to promote the improvement of the healthcare and education of the citizens of Georgia.

State election law prohibits GSHA from using member dues or other revenue to support legislative candidates. GSH-PAC is GSHA’s tool to raise and contribute funds to support candidates for state office who believe in and have demonstrated belief in the legislative objectives of the GSHA.

“The power of visibility can never be underestimated.”- Margaret Cho

Our Mission: The mission of the GSH-PAC is to increase the visibility of the needs of individuals with communicative disorders at the legislative, decision-making level by promoting the election of candidates who support GSHA’s missions. By making a contribution to the GSH-PAC, you join your colleagues in creating a heightened awareness of our professions, and the individuals we serve, among our state legislators.

Support GSH-PAC Your voluntary support of the GSH-PAC, at any level, is beneficial and appreciated.

GSH-PAC Donation Levels

Bronze Circle: $1.00 - $25.00 annually

Silver Circle: $26.00 - $50.00 annually

Gold Circle: $51.00 - $100.00 annually

Platinum Circle: $101.00 - $200.00 annually

Diamond Circle: $200.00 + annually

2017-2018 GSH-PAC Board of Trustees

Jodie Victor, Chair

Jane Frobose, Secretary/Treasurer

Sucheta Kamath

Mavis Ivy

Lindsey Hendrix

Jessica Sullivan


GSH-PAC Donors September 2016- July 2017


Jacque Goble

Jill Shedd

Margaret Hale

Sonya Floyd

Paula Klingman-Palk

Katy O'Brien

Debra Dwight

Angela Miles

Lauren Norwood

Abigail Askew

Treva Bibbs-Bugg

Diana Bond

Lisa Gentry

Kristen Hall

Laurie Ginsbrug

Lauren Norwood

Jodie Victor

Wytona Johnson

Rachaele Hurd

Rebekah Barr

Shannon Gonzalez

Jennifer Morris-Scott

Kelly Ball

Genie Sutton



Deborah Foushee

Edgar Clark

Sucheta Kamath

Kara Jones

Carol Ann Raymond



Jessica Sullivan



Jane Frobose