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The Georgia Speech-Language Hearing Association (GSHA) is committed to advancing the interests of Speech-language Pathologists and Audiologists and the public through Education, Mentoring, Advocacy, Resources, and Service. GSHA’s mission is elegantly captured through its tagline that says “Communication for all! Have a Voice. Be heard.”. However, access to these expert services that our members provide is not a commonplace entity, particularly to the chronically disenfranchised homeless community. We have identified one such unique place where our service is likely to make a monumental difference.

GSHA is partnering with Georgia Works!, a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to furnish chronically homeless men with opportunities for gainful employment and preparatory training that equips them with the tools and skills for self-sufficiency.  Prior to GSHA’s involvement, the skills training at Georgia Works! included personal support, case management, and workforce training and coaching to obtain a GED through adult education. 

GSHA has created an opportunity for its member experts to serve their community’s most disadvantaged, whose barrier to reenter society includes speech-language, cognition, social-pragmatics, and executive function limitations. Our member participation, collaboration, and delivery of expert services will have countless benefits to homeless men’s recovery process.

Scope of GSHA Gives volunteering services:
  • Provide speech-language, cognition and audiology screening
  • Participate in creating training videos for Georgia Works! members
  • Provide therapeutic services based on needs of program participants 
  • Conduct social-pragmatic groups and 
  • Facilitate family training and staff in-services  
Member expectations: 
  • Participate in the GSHA Initiatives orientation 
  • Follow best-practices protocol 
  • Wear GSHA gear 
  • Have FUN!
 For more information about upcoming volunteer opportunities, please visit the link below to go to the Eventbrite page.

Eventbrite - Volunteer and support GSHA

Build & Share through GSHA: The “Art” of Communication

At the Georgia Speech-Language Hearing Association (GSHA), our member experts never take communication skills for granted. Through their work, our members equip their clients with the tools and strategies to live more meaningful lives. Everyone served by our GSHA member experts leaves feeling relieved that someone understands them and, more importantly, are prepared with tools and strategies to take on life’s challenges. So what can GSHA do for such a special group of dedicated individuals whose top priority is serving others? We give them ART!

GSHA is collaborating with an incredibly talented street artist known as Evereman, who believes that “art is for all” and that everyone has a hidden artist within them. We invite the GSHA community to join Evereman at his workshop to create unique and recognizable pieces of art-blocks that can be shared with all. We are hoping that when this collaboration reaches a larger audience, it will spark a public conversation about the 
art of communication and ignite a spark of joy in knowing that an expression through art is the most fundamental form of communication.

Scope of “The Art of Communication”
  • Visit Evereman woodworking workshop during the preplanned dates 
  • Design and create iconic Evereman art with other GSHA members
  • Socialize and share ideas
  • Receive Evereman art pieces during the GSHA convention in February of 2018
  • Win a contest for the best innovative therapy ideas using Evereman art blocks during May is Better Speech and Hearing Month
Member expectation
  • Sign up and show up
  • Wear GSHA gear 
  • Have FUN!
Eventbrite - GSHA Art of Communication

Serve on a GSHA Committee

Members are the lifeblood of GSHA! We value member input and engagement and diversity when building our volunteer base to better serve and represent our community of speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Volunteering on a GSHA committee requires a commitment to the assigned project or activity. We are always seeking new talent to add to our committees. To participate on a GSHA Committee, you must be a member. 
Thank you for your consideration to volunteer and your commitment to GSHA and our profession!