GSHA 2017-2018 Officer Nominations

The GSHA 2017 Officer Ballot is now open! The deadline for voting is June 9, 2017. You must be a GSHA Regular or Life Member to vote, and you will be able to cast your vote only once.

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Sonya Floyd

Degree/Certification(s): M.Ed., CCCSLP; M.Ed. Communication Disorders

Title/Employer: Speech-Language Pathologist/Southern Healthcare

Professional Affiliations: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Georgia Speech-Language-Hearing Association (GSHA)

Professional & Community Leadership Activities: GHA Board Member

Previous Participation in GSHA: Convention Committee Chair, Co-chair, and Member

Awards/Honors: Jack Bess Memorial Award

What do you think are the major issues facing GSHA, and how would you address them if elected to office? (1) Membership – membership campaign; (2) Finances – trim the “fat”; (3) Mission of the organization – define & excel; (4) Sustainability of the organization – how do we become an organization that thrives in years to come; (5) Increase awareness of the organization statewide and build collaborative relationships, launch a campaign to increase awareness of GSHA through its members in local and state organizations.




Vice President of Professional Practices



Jodie Victor

Degree/Certification(s): M.S. Speech-Language Pathology; ASHA CCC

Title/Employer: Speech-Language Pathologist/Victory Speech-Language Therapy, EBS Healthcare

Professional Affiliations: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Georgia Speech-Language-Hearing Association (GSHA), Supervisor Interest Network of GSHA (SING)

Professional & Community Leadership Activities: Active in GSHA Board; Clinical fellow supervision through EBS Healthcare

Previous Participation in GSHA: CO-State Education Advocacy Leader (2014-2015, 2017); Schools Chair (2015-2017); Convention Committee Member (2015-2017); GSH-PAC Board of Trustees member (2016-Present); Autism Walk Organizer; Social Host.

Awards/Honors: Volunteer of the Year – GSHA February 2017.

What do you think are the major issues facing GSHA, and how would you address them if elected to office? A major issue facing GSHA is that our membership is not aware of what goes on behind the scenes or how to get involved. If elected, I would work with the GSHA President and board members to provide transparency to members and other interested parties. It is important to let members know what GSHA is doing and for members to know GSHA could be doing much more with their support. As VPPP, I would work with chairs and committee members of the Schools, Healthcare and Private Practice, Higher Education, and Public Relations committees, and our lobbyists and legislators to learn current issues throughout Georgia that can impact change in our professions. This role is all about legislation, and I would like members to be able to speak about change for the future of our profession and what policies need to stay in place. Collaborating with Executive Board members, committee members, total membership, legislators, and lobbyists as it relates to speech pathology and audiology is what drives this role.